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Introducing Sol Souls.

SOLD OUT - 10,000 uniquely generated, cute and collectible pixel art souls with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain.

Soul Swap Fusion

Fuse your souls or swap your Sol Soul for another random NFT from the vault.

10,000 Ever Minted

Each Sol Soul is unique & algorithmically generated & minted on the Solana blockchain.
We are only ever generating 10k completely unique Sol Souls. There will be no further generations.

Sol Souls are arriving

Get in on the ground floor by collecting the exclusive Sol Souls NFTs. See our roadmap for our future plans, including our DAPP interactive SOUL FUSION feature.

Join the Soul Train

Get the latest updates & get exclusive air drops & contests.

Discover Sol Souls

Collectible & Unique

Cryptographically Signed & Staked with Proof of Ownership

Algorithmically generated, unique, cute and collectibles NFTs.

Totally Unique

10k Ever Mints


Ever Minted


Sold Out


Souls Fused


Remaining Soul Supply
Planned Roadmap


You will be able to submit 2 NFTs to be burnt for a chance you gain all attributes or a portion from both into a newly minted Soul. Coming soon after launch.

See Roadmap

Original Art

Handcrafted Art & Attributes

We worked hard to painstakingly create hundreds of different attributes for the Sol Souls eco-system! Here's a sneak peak of the behinds the scenes process.


Frequently Asked Questions

They are exactly what they sound like - Solana Souls are cute 8-bit Soul NFTs collectible with many different attributes.

On release (TBA) click our “Mint Single Soul NFT”. We are trying to structure our distribute to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. However, if the solana blockchain gets clogged it could take a bit to receive your NFT.

10,000 will be minted in total.

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the Sol Souls. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.

Yes each Solana Soul will be unique, we have ensured via code on the backend that no two NFTs will be replicated.

Phantom is the recommended wallet.

The main function will to be cute and collectible. The game changing utility will be Soul FUSION with Two or even Three NFTs needed to be burnt to mint a new NFT. Possibly getting a 1/1 Extremely Rare MEME NFT.

They are generated using the Magic Code from Metaplex! They have provided an excellent way to generate NFTs and it’s a standard protocol used on Solana now. This will allow 3rd party selling via Sol Sea!

We are a dedicated team of artists, solana enthusiasts, stakers, and coders. We are generally just excited about the Solana ecosystem in general and hope we can be a force for good in this budding ecosystem.

We are available via our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram that are embedded in the website.