Sol Souls NFT Roadmap

  • Stage 1

    Create 10,000 Unique, Cute, and Collectible Solana Souls.

    Sol Souls are created!
  • Stage 2

    Marketplace Integration – DigitalEyes

    Will be #1 priority at launch, should happen soon after minting.
  • Stage 3

    Limited Edition NFTs Drops

    Associated Limited Edition NFTs will be minted at the programmer’s discretion and given away. Collect more souls to have a higher chance to get one. Competitions will also be held for these limited edited NFTs.
  • Stage 4


    #2 priority after getting the marketplaces integrated.
    • Version 1You will be able to submit 2 NFTs to be burnt for a chance you gain all attributes or a portion from both into a newly minted Soul.
    • Version 2You will be able to submit 3 NFTs to be burnt for a chance to mint a 1/1 custom created Extremely Rare Meme NFT. If your roll fails then it will perform the same function as version 1 with your 3 NFT's attributes into 1 newly minted NFT.
  • Stage 5

    Souls Merch

    Back burner for now